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August 2011

Posted on: August 1st, 2011 by Robin Jarrell

During my first sermon back from vacation, I spoke about the “three” bodies of Christ:  the body Jesus was in during his time on earth; the mystical body of the Eucharist; and the body made up of many members whose faces we can see every Sunday in Church.

I like to think that “church” is many bodies, many faces.  And most folks know that I make a big deal out of reminding all of us that “church” is not just a building, nor is it just what we do for a little over an hour on Sunday.  (Can I see a show of hands for those of us who took me literally?)

Point is:  Church is not JUST what we do for a little over an hour on Sunday.  Showing up at 8 and/or 10:30  is an essential component of being who God is calling us to be and become.  Unless the Church body shares in the real and present body of Christ and then shares that body with one another both inside and outside the boundaries of “church” and “Sunday,” Church becomes just a pointless “little over an hour on the Lord’s day.”  No wonder folks can find a hundred other things that will trump Church every time.  (I’m including everyone here:  I’ve got a priority list, too!)

The great spiritual leader Gandhi tells a story about hearing a man say he wanted more than anything to know God.  So Gandhi took him to the river and held the man under the water until he struggled and finally popped up gasping for air.  Gandhi said:  when you want God as much as you wanted that air, then you will know God.

When we yearn to see the beloved faces we haven’t glimpsed all week  (yes, even the ones who annoy us and who are hard to get to know, or get along with, or are just plain stubborn) THEN our priorities will be Holy Spirit filled!  When we hunger for that spiritual intimacy with Christ and that spiritual intimacy with one another, Church will overflow and spill out all over Sunbury and beyond and Sunday will be one amazing Celebration!!

What do you think, beloved St. Matthew’s?  Are you excited to find out what happens when we take our party outside of Church and into the world?


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