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A Harley-Hosanna

Posted on: April 2nd, 2012 by Robin Jarrell

I used to joke to my seminarian friends that what I really needed in a savior was someone the scary demons would be afraid of.  Not Jesus meek and mild, but Jesus on a big ‘ole Harley-Davidson.  Sporting  a bandana.  I say this because one of the most wonderful people I know (generous, kind, loving) rides a Harley Hogg – so it makes perfect sense to me that the quality of strength need not be missing from the one who gave up his life so we could all have a share in His resurrection.

As I was driving to church this Palm Sunday, I passed the crowd from St. Monica’s (our Roman Catholic neighbors across the street) in a depiction of Jesus’ triumphant procession into Jerusalem.  Most were dressed in First Century Palestinian garb – and they had a very young man (was he at least bar mitzvah age?) with a pretend beard riding a colt followed by a string of well-wishers waving palm branches.

He didn’t look dangerous.

And that’s when the idea struck.  Hosanna.  The One riding in triumph toward the gates of the big city of Jerusalem (in this case, Sunbury), for all his unassuming demeanor, was a threat.

Here was a King who wasn’t riding in like a conquering army.  Wasn’t coming to wring taxes.  Wasn’t going to sit on any throne and demand homage, or allegiance.  This One – this one was coming to show how the King of the Universe rules the cosmos: by showing how much the Creator of all that is loves the world so much, he will die.  Wait.  He will suffer a horrible death to prove that real power lies not in greatness, but in living with the least of these.

The generosity of Jesus’ life is dangerous.  And we are called to be the same kind of threat to the principalities and the powers who stand in the way of love and life, peace and caring, deep friendship of neighbor – both 99 and 1%.

Dear people of St. Matthews:  Hosanna boldly this Holy Week.  Love fiercely.  Hold one another in right action and humble prayer as we walk where our Savior leads the Way.



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