St. Matthew's Episcopal


Vestry Members of St. Matthew’s

(* denotes that the member may not be re-elected to vestry until after 1 year.)

Lori Bingaman (2017-19)*

Lori Fazzini (2018-20)

Janice Flory (2018-20)

John Haydt (2019/2021)*

Mary Newcomb (2018-20)

Todd Rebuck (2018-20)

Bill Rowe (2019-2021)*

Terry Shipman (2019-2021)*

 Senior Warden:  Charles Schlegel

Junior Warden:  Terry Shipman (2018)

Clerk of the Vestry:  Mary Ann Loftus

 Delegates to Convention in 2019:

 Martha Bohner

Cynthia Reid

Fran Zartman


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