St. Matthew's Episcopal


For whom shall we pray?


First names only for those who need our prayers and concerns.  First and last names of those who have requested that we include both.  People in need of prayer don’t have to be members of St. Matthew’s.  Anyone may request prayer.  You may email: to send a prayer request.  Or, you may call the church office at 570.286.7002.






Please pray for Bill, Martha, Noelle, Tiffany & family, Stephen, Frances, Phillip, Pamela, Kelsey, Alayiah [Al-lay-a], Angela, Tierney & family, Weston, Scott, Riley, Paul, Bill McClure & family, Richard, Taylor, Richard S., Jake, Alexandria & infant Charlotte.  For Erin, Joan, John, Tonya, Bethany, Steve K., Rick, Sue.   For all health care workers, especially Dan D., Kara (Care-a) and their co-workers and those in prison.  For the Departed: Debbie, Kassie & Wayne. 

We also pray for our homebound members: Mary Louise,  Betty, and Mina.

Please pray for the departed (Debbie).  Let light perpetual shine upon them.






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