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Christian Education for All Ages

Classes begin October 9!  Promptly at 9:15.

Adult:  Bible Study Mother Robin+ SECOND and FOURTH Sundays.

Adult Sunday School will begin classes after Easter.

There will be 2 sections of “How We Got the Bible” – one class for Sunday at 9:15am (Sunday April 30th,  Sunday May 14, Sunday May 28, Sunday June 11) and one for Thursday 1:45 pm after Mid-week Mass (Thursday April 27, Thursday May 11, Thursday May 25, Thursday June 8.)

Cape May – Fall 2011

Envisioning an escape from the rainy weather and the stresses of life a group of vastly different women began this year’s journey to Cape May for a retreat among friends, old and new.  A peak of sunshine and a warm breeze welcomed us to the ocean and the sand.  After a brief respite and a little nourishment, we joined women from the Diocese for a more spiritual reflection.  A time to listen to stories, a time to meditate, a time to look introspectively and time to learn about others by gathering in small group discussions..  Being present and being a presence, most of us have only had glimpses of this and often in times of sadness.  But learning to Let Go and Let God (remember your LEGO ladies); will serve each of us well should we choose to embody the lessons of the weekend. The weekend ended with many laughs, a few fearful moments, and a few tearful moments; but most importantly a group of women who were together as friends. Many of us leaving our footprints in the sand.

A “collective” editorial of our experience at Cape May this year…….

The Presence and being present made me understand how important it is to just “be a presence’ in life and death situations. Lots of times we don’t need words, but just to be a presence or present. A presence of peace and love for one another. A spiritual presence in life, death and prayer.


Over and beyond immensely enjoying time away in community (which includes shopping, lots of giggling, good food and reflective conversations) with my Sisters in Christ from St. Matts, our leader, the Rev Kate Harrington provided us with a wonderful opportunity to learn about “Presence” and being “Present” in the Present…..


I thoroughly enjoyed the retreat. Even the cozy sleeping arrangements. I really felt accepted and a part of the St. Matthew’s Family. I was particularly moved by the second session with the “Let Go and Let God ”

Meditation. I’m always trying to fix things and to find the “better” way to do things. I hope the retreat will help me to be more present with others instead of being pro-active. I met many new friends and renewed old acquaintances.

Cape May 2008

His Disciples Food Pantry


Altar Guild Ministry

Bringing Scripture to Life

We know about Christ from Word and Sacrament, we help prepare for worship services that enable others to meet the Lord in corporate worship. Preparing the altar each week for worship is also a way of expressing our faith.

St. Matthew’s altar guild consists of ten members, one man and nine women, who faithfully serve the Church. Also, two members from our 7:30 service setup each week for 10:30 worship.

The Liturgical Calendar guides our ministry.

  • Advent: starts the church year looking forward to the retelling and reliving of the birth of Christ in our lives;
  • Epiphany: is about telling the good news to all people;
  • Lent: starts with ashes, the sign of our own mortality. Lent is a time for self examination;
  • Holy Week: tells the story of the end of Christ’s ministry on earth;
  • Easter: Resurrection;
  • Ascension: Jesus leaves to be with God and the promise of the Holy Spirit;
  • Day of Pentecost: we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit;
  • Season of Pentecost: is about telling the stories about Jesus ministry, living out our faith.

Altar Guild ministry is an offering to God. We perform our ministry seeking to be in His presence. We welcome new members. If you would like to serve on the Altar Guild please contact Elaine Schlegel (286-2811).

Will you seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving your neighbor as yourself?

Source Note: Information on Ministry from “Expressing Our Faith through Altar Guild Ministry” by Hobly Hinchman (Forward Movement Publications)



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