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Chicken N Waffle Dinner – 1/24/2023

Posted on: January 26th, 2023 by Saint Matthew Sunbury
Dear parishioners and friends of St. Matthew’s ~
I’m stepping out of my Saturday evening email pattern because I just have to say how AMAZING our chicken and waffles dinner was last night. I enjoyed mine so much- it was without a doubt one of the most delicious meals I’ve ever had. Of course, maybe some of this was the fact that it smelled so good all day- it was so tantalizing and I couldn’t wait to eat! And it was so fun to see the preparations and say hello to those who were working busily in the kitchen from well before noon!
And it was such a gift and a joy to see the hall so filled with people enjoying their dinners with friends and family- to see the long line of takeout customers and as people chose their homemade desserts. I loved spending time with friends I’ve already met and also meeting some folks for the first time. My deepest thanks to the many people who helped out in some way so this could happen, to offer this particular kind of hospitality to our wider community and to support a ministry as hardworking and generous as our ECW who gives back in so many life-changing ways. It was a lovely evening and I feel humbled and grateful to be a part of it and of our St. Matthew’s community. How faithful you are to Jesus’ call to “Follow me”, as we talked about on Sunday, remembering that call looks different to each of us because we are all different yet uniquely beloved people.
Sending you all prayers and love on this wintry January evening~
‘Deacon D’ (my favorite new nickname-I love being called this!)
The Reverend Dina Carter Ishler
St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church
32 North Front Street
Sunbury PA 17801
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