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Book of Common Prayer



As a congregation, and in our personal devotional lives, we worship and pray with our Episcopal brothers and sisters through the 1979 Book of Common Prayer.
To explore the Book of Common Prayer:
Book of Common Prayer

Our order of service on Sunday morning is guided and directed by the Book of Common Prayer.

When a priest is with us on Sunday morning, we use Rite Two of the Holy Eucharist from the Book of Common Prayer.
To read the Holy Eucharist Rite Two:
Holy Eucharist Rite Two

When a priest is not available on Sunday morning, we use Morning Prayer from the Book of Common Prayer.
To read Morning Prayer Rite Two:
Morning Prayer Two

For those interested in the history of the Book of Common Prayer, below are links to previous editions from the The Protestant Episcopal Church (US) and the Church of England.

1549 Version (Church of England)

1552 Version (Church of England)

1559 Version (Church of England)

1662 Version (Church of England)

1789 Version (US)

1928 Version (US)

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