St. Matthew's Episcopal

With People



First names only for those who need our prayers and concerns.  First and last names of those who have requested that we include both.  People in need of prayer don’t have to be members of St. Matthew’s.  Anyone may request prayer.
You may email ( to send a prayer request.  Or, you may call the church office at 570.286.7002.


Father Fred and family, Deacon Dina and family, Frances (Fran), Angela, Stan, Tanya, Steve K., Weston, Mike B., Noelle, Christian, President Carter, Terry S., Nancy S., Richard S., Rich V., the Sterner family, Gretchen Rehberg (Bishop at the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane, Washington), a woman with cancer, Lena, Fr. Louie, Stephen B, Nathan, the Steese family, Erika, Marie, Earlene and family, Ken, Jayden McCormick, Amanda, Nala, Tara, Lila, Tommy, Barry, Faith and Timothy P., for everyone heading to the 2023 Episcopal Youth Event, especially the youth and chaperones of our Diocese, Kevin, and Mia.  Please pray for all healthcare workers, especially Dan D., Kara, Melissa, Janice and their co-workers.

Please pray for the departed.

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